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Robert J. Nolan Foundation, Inc.

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The creator of the foundation, Robert J. Nolan, expressed his desire and intent that scholarships should be awarded and financial assistance furnished to the well-balanced student.

The directors consider the following five factors in making the awards of scholarships and financial assistance for the applicants:

  1. Educational Achievement
  2. Success in High School Varsity Athletics and Intention to Continue Athletics in College
  3. Participation in Extra-Curricular School-Related Activities
  4. Religious Participation and Civic Activities outside of school
  5. Financial Need

Each of the five categories is equally important in the evaluation of an applicant’s qualifications. Students who intend to apply for a scholarship should be sure they include all information about themselves pertinent to each of the five factors.

Scholarships and financial assistance may be furnished for up to four years. The Foundation intends to evaluate the performance of each recipient each semester to determine whether or not a renewal of the scholarship is warranted. The Directors will take into consideration the same criteria originally used in arriving at the original award, but with special emphasis in such evaluation on academic achievement and athletic participation. It is incumbent upon the scholarship recipient to provide regular updates to the Foundation and provide a written summary of activities along with a transcript or grade report each semester, together with news clippings, media press releases or a letter from a coach to confirm athletic participation.

Scholarships are not college or university specific. A recipient of a scholarship may attend any accredited college or university of his or her choice.

Since Mr. Nolan believed that maintaining a healthy and active body is as important in life as possessing an educated mind, recipients will be required to demonstrate each semester that they continued their athletic pursuits at the college level. The recipient may select any sport of his or her choice. A good faith effort to become a member of such a college team each year is required; success in such trying out is not. Alternatively, if varsity level athletics are unachievable at the student’s chosen college, each recipient must actively participate in a club or intramural sport to maintain the award.

Robert J. Nolan Foundation, Inc.

PO Box 4392
82 Glenwood Avenue
Queensbury, NY 12804

Contact Administrator:
Lisa Bushman
(518) 793-4900